Niet meer het zelfde (No longer the same), 2015

This work is based on the novel 'Metamorfoze' (Metamorphosis) by Louis Couperus and was made for the exhibition 'Een Blauwe Kamer' (A Blue Room) at Quartair, The Hague. The main focus lies on the psychological struggle of the protagonist towards the making of art (he's a writer); the development from dilemma to unity. The work consists of a large canvas with faux marble in oil paint. Within a circle the veins of the marble are embroidered with gold thread. Louis Couperus himself inherited a large gold embroidered canvas that hung above his writing desk.

Niet meer het zelfde | oil on canvas, gold thread, wood, 246 x 250 x 90 cm.

Niet meer het zelfde | detail

Niet meer het zelfde | other side

Niet meer het zelfde | detail other side