Artist statement

Each work begins with a topic that occupies my mind and I can't let go of, after which I start collecting material, mainly through reading, observing, sketching and writing. I look for words, materials, forms and connections between one thing and another. I take these fragments out of their original context and bring them together in a new interconnected reality. The subject becomes a question; besides knowing what the words that apply to it mean, I'm wondering what it really is. Sometimes the topic is related to events taking place in my personal life, in these cases I zoom out by connecting them to already existing elements until they almost become something external. Reoccurring themes in the works are (passage of) time, memory, opposites and borders or transitory areas.

Indissoluble contradictions like dream and reality, before and after, dark and light are united in the works. I work from a state of in-between; what is my position towards the subject from what I do and do not know about it? And if the subject is a state of being; what happens between different states of consciousness? Within the artwork I look for a combined balance or a balanced division, therefore many of my works display different sides, openings, or counterparts.

The choice of materials depends on each idea. I tend to use materials that are closely connected to the subject. If this is not fit for use, I recreate it. It has also occurred that I choose certain materials because they shared characteristics with the subject. I have used many different techniques and materials but drawing has been a constant factor. The process of drawing is often slow and monotonous, which gives me a deeper understanding of what I'm working on.

Dreams play a role in both early and recent works. They have significance because the image comes forth from all present knowledge and experience. Free from logic (unity in time and space). Hours or even days can pass within a few actual minutes. As if only the relevant information has been selected. Still, at the same time, it seems to take place chronologically and real. In my work I strive to equal this self-evidence; to fuse a collection of fragmented pieces into a form in which the temporality of a single thing or idea is lifted.

Astrid Nobel, 2017