Rijksakademie Open Studios 2019

Floating close to the inner surface of a human skull
we see a landscape with sinkholes and rivers,
where, feeding on remembrance,
animals live on and on.

From the control room
dystopian dreams search for a witness:
A body to notice that the inner scene from zero two
became an international headline in two zero.

Slumbering spaces lay bare
times nonlinear and
multispecies lives intertwined,
while sleeplessness is only aware of its own
stiffened weight on a soft mattress.

'Nature is honest dreams are honest'
is all we consider believing,
as we continue to pay
for our own sleeplessness.

Remembering Animals, video, 30m51s
Credits to the animals I know, have known and remember who populate the dream world.
Dedicated to the animals known, unknown and forgotten who are vanishing or have disappeared forever.

Honesty as a screen and Sleeping witnesses, installation view, photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

Honesty as a screen, detail, honesty leaves, light, complete work 153x235 cm.

Sleeping witnesses, detail, unfired clay, platform, thin mattress, complete work 153x235x57 cm.

Honesty as projection, video, 2m23s

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