Unforgettable House, 2016

"But over and beyond our memories, the house we were born in is physically inscribed in us."

Bachelard. G. (1958). The poetics of space.

These works are part of the series "Unforgettable House", about the house I was born in. I worked out two 'land'marks related to my birth; the spot where I was born and the tree that was planted for the occasion (in relation to my birth- and current length). The engraving represents the counter in the shop and the years it has been in use. The diptych shows all the knots from the walls in my childhood bedroom and the fears and dreams that came with them (Bedroom) as well as the mental and physical borders of the house represented by seeding pods from the honesty plant (lunaria annua), which grows on the exact border between our garden and the neighbours (Dreamcatchers). These plants were originally planted by my great grand aunt who lived in the house before my parents did.

Birthmarks | etching (left) and pencil on paper on wood

Birthmark (floor) | etching, edition of 32 (prints available: email info@astridnobel.nl for details) | 48 x 18 cm.
(61,5 x 31 cm. including frame)

Birthmark (tree) | detail | pencil on paper on wood | 175,5 x 18 cm.

Counter | engraving, edition of 10 (prints available: email info@astridnobel.nl for details) | 50 x 25 cm.
(69 x 42 cm. including frame)

Bedroom / Dreamcatchers | pencil on paper on wood (left) and honesty between glass, wood | 104 x 84 cm. each

Bedroom | detail

Dreamcatchers | detail